Weight Watchers tightening the belt

Weight Watchers has traditionally used celebrities in it’s marketing but are now looking to normal everyday people to show it’s program works.

In the US, 69 percent of adult men and women are overweight or obese with each gender making up approximately 50% each. The traditional marketing by Weight Watchers involved the story of a female celebrity. By continually using a female, consumers naturally associated the weight loss program to females.

This unfortunately meant that for Weight Watchers, they were effectively cutting out half of their potential customer base.

Weight Watchers is the most popular weight loss program in the world, however this market share is being tested by other programs and the rise of technology. Revenue at the company has declined seven quarters in a row and this drop has been associated with the rise of fitness monitors.

Fitness monitors cost much less than weight watchers and give users the ability to track their diet.

To continue to remain relevant, Weight Watchers will start offering other methods to help lose weight such as web coaching and experts online 24 hours a day. There is also a Weight Watchers coupon available to help reduce the cost of the program.


Vaya moves into broadband

Vaya¬†has been a long time leader in the prepaid mobile plan space for a number of years now and has decided it is prepared to spread it’s wings. The build of the NBN in Australia has seen a growth in users signing up to the new infrastructure and Vaya is looking to capitalise on the growing hunger for NBN plans. The Queensland based company has decided to make the jump into broadband with the release of a number of competitive NBN plans. The business¬†plan of Vaya is similar to that of their prepaid mobile plan which is to provide a competitive no-frills deal.

Vaya is priced under all the major NBN providers and will be hoping to grab a huge chunk of market share. The NBN is still in it’s early stages of roll-out allowing Vaya to organise itself. It is expected that most users will have access in 5 years giving Vaya access to a huge market.

Vaya have released plans ranging from $59 to $89 with the $89 plan offering unlimited data. The deals are attractive and on occasions the company may provide a Vaya promo code or bonus via their website or Facebook page.